Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The Howard Community Health Foundation (HCHF) is responsible for research and strategic planning to guide efforts to improve health outcomes for Howard County’s residents. HCHF’s Planning and Evaluation Committee assists the board in developing a draft strategic plan, including strategic goals, initiatives, projects and activities consistent with the organization’s mission.  The Committee is also responsible for recommending evaluation strategies, including the use of specific metrics to determine impact. Once developed, the plan is executed by the Horizon Foundation with ongoing oversight by the Howard Community Health Foundation.

Planning & Evaluation Committee

Current Planning and Evaluation Committee members include:

Sharon Hoover


Christopher Fortune


Jonathan Ahn

Jorge Benavista

Yvonne Commmodore-Mensah

Patricia Fisher

Brian Hepburn

Nikki Highsmith Vernick

Rhonda Holbrook

Jumel Howard

Jalisa McKnight

Sri Sridhara

Celián Valero-Colón

Matthew Vaughn-Smith

Luis Vivanco

Lanlan Xu

Howard County Health Assessment Survey

HCHF’s work includes co-sponsoring the biennial Howard County Health Assessment Survey. This survey encompasses health-related behaviors and risk factors among the adult population of Howard County, Maryland. Results of this study enable health providers and advocates to measure progress and to know where to focus resources to help make the community healthier.View the final report of the 2018 Howard County Health Assessment Survey

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Strategic Planning for the Horizon Foundation

The Howard Community Health Foundation guides the Horizon Foundation’s strategic planning process, to ensure the Foundation supports the HCHF vision. They most recently drafted the five-year 2018-2022 strategic plan. The strategic planning process involved interviews and input from 100 diverse community organizations and leaders, as well as an in-depth examination of local, state and national health data and best-practice models. The plan addresses three key priority areas to help ensure that everyone in the Howard County community can achieve better health – promoting healthy kids and families, encouraging healthy aging and ensuring a more equitable community.

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